Monday, October 20, 2008

Smoking On The Cornice Ad Infinitum

We are still uploading the party report. In the meantime, check a socialite preview on TFR

Among the guests were TV host Tiffany Godoy, legendary drag queen Vivienne Sato, Uburoi's designer Mitsue Iwata, Dolomites' Stefanko Balkano, Gimme Um's Pierre & Ryan, Gallery Naruyama's Jason, and Narziß's image Sono. Gallermic is wearing Ivlaux sweater customized by Uburoi. Show Off by Gimme UM. Music selected by Phi., Stefanko Balkano, Wirspielen, Philou + TFR.


Reference images - left: Dixbild II by Guenter Blum, 1994.
Right: Barnett Newman by Irving Penn, 1966.
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